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Man jailed for attempted murder of his mother

The accused was admitted to the Bayamón Correctional Complex after failing to post bail set at $300,000. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 31.

By The Star Staff

Juan Felipe Reyes González, 36, was imprisoned earlier this week after being unable to pay the bail imposed for the attempted murder of his mother, restriction of liberty, assault against an elderly person, violations of the Weapons Law and violations of the Law for the Safety, Welfare and Protection of Minors in an incident reported on Sunday in the María Santiago neighborhood of Gurabo.

According to the police report, Reyes González had an argument with his 72-year-old mother, in which he attacked her with his hands, bit her, threw her to the ground and dragged her.

In addition, he threatened to kill her with a machete and restricted her freedom for a period of time. During the incident, the defendant also tried to strangle his 62-year-old aunt, according to the police.

Judge Juan León determined cause for arrest and imposed a bail of $300,000, which the accused did not pay. He was admitted to the Bayamón Correctional Complex until the day of the preliminary hearing, which is scheduled for May 31.

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