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Manufacturers Assn. asks energy regulator to repeal LUMA’s immunity

Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association President Eric Santiago Justiniano

By The Star Staff

Manufacturers Association President Eric Santiago Justiniano on Wednesday called on the Puerto Rico Energy Bureau (PREB) to review the immunity granted to LUMA Energy against claims from electricity consumers.

Consumers and businesses that have suffered damage to their equipment and appliances because of power outages can not file claims against LUMA Energy for their losses.

“By maintaining conditions of immunity for LUMA Energy, the Puerto Rico Energy Bureau is perpetuating uncertainty in the economic development and life of the citizens of Puerto Rico,” Santiago Justiniano said in a written statement.

The business leader directly appealed to PREB Chairman Edison Avilés Deliz and the regulatory body’s commissioners, Lillian Mateo Santos, engineer Ferdinand Ramos Soegaard, Sylvia Ugarte Araujo, and engineer Antonio Torres Miranda, urging them to fulfill their historical responsibility and protect the interests of working families and businesses in the face of impunity.

“Our claim dates back to April 2022, when private sector members filed a motion asking the Puerto Rico Energy Bureau to reconsider the immunity granted to LUMA Energy,” Santiago Justiniano said. “The waiver granted to LUMA has left subscribers in a state of defenselessness. …”

“The Energy Bureau, the Public-Private Partnerships Authority and PREPA must be transparent and clarify that any company or citizen will have all due protection against damage caused by inefficiency in the distribution of electrical energy,” he added. “Failure to do so threatens the country’s best interests in its search for better economic conditions.”

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William Rosa
William Rosa

This is another monstrosity of the NPP/PDP un-governing of the country for 76 years. Who came up with such a brilliant idea to give immunity to a company (LUMA), any company at the expenses of the people. LUMA is being pay, well, and on top of that they can do, as they been doing, whatever augment their coffer.

These fundamental problems won't be resolved as long as PR is a colony. The total disaster these people had spawn have no parallel in PR's history making them a real threat for PR' survival. Puerto Rican must move away from the NPP/PDP and the US in order to rebuild the country; the US has no interest in bettering PR's condition. The Caribbean…

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