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Manufacturers Assn. launches Project Management Academy

By The Star Staff

The Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association (PRMA), in collaboration with OKA Project Management & Strategic Leadership, has launched a Project Management Academy to prepare local professionals so they can work with construction projects that are slated to start this year with the funds awarded to rebuild the island from the destruction caused by hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017.

Puerto Rico is also slated to receive billions of dollars under President Biden’s infrastructure bill.

The Project Management Academy PM4PRR3 (Project Management for Puerto Rico’s Recovery, Reconstruction & Resiliency) is focused on training the largest number of professionals and people in the methodologies, tools and good practices of project management, PRMA Vice President Yandia Pérez said.

The PM4PRR3 Project Management educational program consists of seven courses that start this month in Spanish and in virtual format. It includes all aspects of a project, such as executive design, management, construction and promotion to achieve efficiency and profitability of resources for complete execution, all necessary skills for efficient project management.

The first course will be the Project Management Certification and continues with the courses: Program Management Certification (March 7), Fundamental Certification on Project Management Offices (April 18) and Certification on the Categorization and Prioritization of a Portfolio of Projects and Products (June 6 ), Engineering Project Management Office (Aug. 8), Conceptualization and Management of the Project Management Office (Sept. 5) and Professional Certification of the Strategic Implementation Institute (Oct. 3).

In addition, professionals will learn to use the PROCORE technological platform as the ideal tool for the management of construction and development projects. The digital tool integrates all the people who are part of the project in real time and in one place, and allows for increased transparency, monitoring, control and accountability at all levels of a project. The deadline to register for the first course is Jan. 24.

“Puerto Rico is at a unique moment in history where more than $100 billion in federal funds have been received for reconstruction, recovery and resilience projects throughout the island,” Pérez said. “This makes it urgent to train and educate the greatest number of people with knowledge to manage that a project meets the budget, criteria and time, and that is the objective of the Academy.”

The virtual format allows the student to advance at their own pace within the four weeks allotted to each course. The participant must complete the four modules, one per week, and dedicate approximately four hours a week to completing each module. During the course, which includes videos, readings and dynamics, students will have the opportunity to consult the instructor and interact with other participants through the platform. A review will be offered every week with a two-hour face-to-face or virtual option to clarify doubts and prepare for exams. Once the person completes each course, they will receive a certificate of participation. To become professionally certified, you must pass an exam after completing the course.

For the creation of the Academy, the PRMA had the advice and support of an international group of professionals in project management, or PMO, strategic implementation and experts in educational processes. Some of the professionals who have participated in the design of this learning path were: Antonio Nieto Rodríguez, past president of PMI worldwide, an author for the Harvard Business Review and co-founder of the Strategy Implementation Institute in Brussels; Leonardo Reyes, president of the PMO Academy and PMOfficers of Barcelona; and John Cropper, founder of Pyramid Learning and past president of PM4NGOs, all internationally recognized in Project Management. From Puerto Rico, Jesús Rodríguez, Dr. Olga Dávila, Stella Maris Molina and Jesús E. (Nesty) Delgado are participating.

“Project management is the methodology to plan, manage and control a project throughout the different phases that go from its beginning to its closure,” said Delgado, president of OKA Project Management & Strategic Leadership. “The person in charge of managing this process is the Project Manager or project director, who draws up the plan and controls and monitors each of the steps. Once the plan has been prepared, it has to deal with the management of time, actions and resources, in addition to planning who the internal and external collaborators will be.”

The courses are certified by the PMO Academy, a Barcelona-based organization that is internationally recognized for its methodologies and professional certifications on the design, start-up, implementation and continuous improvement of a Management Office, PMO, and by Project Management for Non-Governmental Organizations (PM4NGOs), a non-profit organization based in Canada that is internationally recognized for its methodologies on the management of development, community, social and economic projects.

In each course, the content will be contextualized to the current reality of Puerto Rico and the requirements imposed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Central Office for Recovery, Reconstruction and Resilience, and Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery program for the creation of proposals, definition, design, planning, implementation and correct closure of each project. As it is an interactive platform, there will also be an online community for questions and answers for any questions about the material. Participants will have access to an online repository with hundreds of “templates” and model documents such as schedules, charts, minutes, reports, letters and proposals related to project management that they can use to develop their own projects.

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