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Many close races in NPP mayoral, Senate & House primaries

Former Sen. Evelyn Vázquez Nieves

By John McPhaul

Former Sen. Evelyn Vázquez Nieves won a three-way New Progressive Party (NPP) race for mayor of Mayagüez in a close race that saw the margin of the vote split by the losers, handing the victory to Vázquez Nieves.

Vázquez Nieves received 1,567 votes compared to 1,313 and 412, respectively, for NPP stalwarts Tania Lugo López and 412 for Jaqueline Martínez Irrizary.

In another three-way NPP mayoral race, this one in Ponce, Pablo Colún Santiago won 3,602 votes, with 1,932 votes for Marcos Marcussi and 754 for Jorge Colón.

For district representatives, several close races will come down to the wire.

In District 10, Pedro Santiago held a razor-thin lead over Marcos Vargas Padilla, 2,296 votes to 2,291.

In District 22 (Lares, Adjuntas), Joe Colón held a narrow lead in a four-way race over Juan Luis Rodríguez, 2,359 votes to 2,359 votes. Edelberto Nuñez was in third with 1,186 votes and Héctor Luis Camacho with 780 votes.

In notable NPP Senate races, Sen. Carmelo Ríos held onto his seat with 19,220 votes, but had to count on a split vote between Migdalia Padilla Alvelo, with 15,891 votes, and Mabel Vélez Romero, with 15,536 votes.

In the contest for at-large Senate seats, Sen. Thomas Rivera Schatz topped the crowded field with 15.86% of the vote, followed by Sen. Keren Riquelme Cabrera with 13.5%.

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