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Maximum capacity of public at sporting events capped at 250

From today until Jan. 18, the maximum capacity for attendance at sporting and recreational events in Puerto Rico is 250 people.

By The Star Staff

Recreation and Sports Secretary Ray Quiñones Vázquez issued administrative memo 2022-001 on Monday, which limits the maximum capacity of the public at sporting and recreational events to 250 people.

“Once again, we continue to make the necessary efforts to stop the spread of this virus,” Quiñones Vázquez said in a written statement. “I know that our sports community will continue to cooperate in the faithful fulfillment of these guidelines so that we can return to the stands as soon as possible.”

The document — which will be effective from today, Jan. 4 to Tuesday, Jan. 18 — establishes that the capacity of 50 percent occupancy in closed spaces and 75 percent in outdoor facilities remains in force as long as occupancy does not exceed 250 participants. Likewise, closure is ordered during the hours from 12 midnight to 5 a.m. of all private operations that serve the public. This includes but is not limited to those venues used for recreation or entertainment and sports, among others.

Meanwhile, the provision remains in place that “attendees must present evidence of completed vaccination, or a negative result from a qualified viral test for COVID-19 carried out within a maximum term of 48 hours prior to the activity.”

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