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Mayagüez airport to receive civil aviation upgrade with new lease

As part of the agreement’s second phase, J Clark Corp. plans to expand its operations and create a maintenance center where it will build more hangars in order to ex-pand its services in the Caribbean and the United States.

By John McPhaul

The Puerto Rico Ports Authority (Ports) and J Clark Corp. signed a lease agreement to offer fixed base operator (FBO) and maintenance, repair, revision and overhaul (MRO) services to aircraft at Eugenio María de Hostos Regional Airport in Mayagüez, the executive director of Ports, Joel Pizá Batiz, announced Wednesday.

“We are extremely pleased to sign this contract that will allow, for the fi rst time, to establish fi xed-base operation, maintenance, repair and aircraft overhaul services, as well as fuel sales, at the Mayagüez airport in the lease with J Clark Corporation,” Pizá Batiz said in a written statement.

The Ports chief highlighted that, as part of the agreement, J Clark Corp. will invest as a fi rst phase, without any type of credit against the rent, about $100,000 to complete improve-ments to a hangar of 3,694 square feet and an open area of 20,152 square feet belonging to Ports. As a second phase, it plans to expand its operations and create a maintenance center, with greater capacity in the future, where it will build more hangars of a similar nature in order to expand its services in the Caribbean and the United States. From those facilities, it will offer FBO and MRO services and aircraft remodeling, among other activities, including the sale and dispatch of aviation gasoline and jet fuel. The six-year contract will gen-erate income from rentals, landing fees and other applicable operational charges.

Pizá Batiz noted that recently, as part of the joint and historic work between Ports and the Federal Aviation Ad-ministration, $7.9 million was invested to repair the runway.

“Now our air navigation systems were installed, a system was installed to turn on the runway lights from the aircraft cabin, and new electrical generators were purchased to power the runway in case of an emergency,” the Ports chief said.

Cape Air currently operates from Mayagüez, with four daily flights to San Juan. The airport is also used for corporate aviation and general aviation for recreational pilots, and for training and missions of both local and federal law enforce-ment entities.

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