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Mayagüez, Health Dept. partner to fund completion of trauma center

Rep. Jocelyne Rodríguez Negrón

By The Star Staff

The House Committee for the Development and Supervision of Public Funds of the Western Region, chaired by Rep. Jocelyne Rodríguez Negrón, convened a meeting to complete work on the Trauma Center in Mayagüez, resulting in the commitment that the city and the Department of Health will combine on the funds needed to complete this work.

“[On Tuesday] it was a fruitful day for the people of Mayagüez and the entire western zone, since after having met with Dr. Carlos Mellado, secretary of the Department of Health, we managed to reach an agreement to combine funds to complete the work on the Trauma Center of Mayagüez,” Rodríguez Negrón said.

The legislator said the president of the Mayagüez Municipal Assembly, Pura Vicenty, was also present at the meeting, as were Interim Mayor Jorge Ramos; Reps. Sol Higgins Cuadrado, Eladio Cardona Quiles, Jessie Cortés Ramos, Kebin Maldonado Martiz and Lydia Méndez Silva; and Mayagüez district Sens. Migdalia González and Ada García.

“We are pleased to report that the Municipality of Mayagüez will contribute the $9 million and the Department of Health will contribute the rest of the necessary funds so that the western region finally has adequate medical facilities for major emergencies,” Rodríguez Negrón said. “This has been a goal that a group of men and women set for ourselves, and on which we have not given up; we have persevered and will not rest until we achieve it.”

Reports have said a new trauma center would cost about $150 million.

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