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Mayors Federation presents new leadership

By John McPhaul


The Puerto Rico Mayors Federation presented its new leadership after holding a vote Tuesday with a quorum of 34 leaders of the New Progressive Party (NPP), in which Guaynabo Mayor Ángel Pérez was elected president.

“This is going to be a difficult four-year period for the municipalities,” Pérez said. “We mayors are the first responders to the people in times of crisis and we have to go together to fight before the fiscal oversight board, the Legislature and the executive [branch] to ensure that they do not continue [reducing] the income of the municipalities and [so that we] are able to serve the people as they deserve.”

As part of the vote in which Pérez won the presidency with 24 votes, Vega Alta Mayor María Vega, Camuy Mayor Gabriel Hernández and Las Piedras Mayor Miguel López Rivera were also elected as vice presidents of the federation, which groups NPP mayors.

“It was an immense honor to preside over this historic body of mayors and it is an experience that I will carry with me forever,” said the now former president of the federation, Arecibo Mayor Carlos Molina Rodríguez. “To this new leadership I say that the more united they are, the higher and stronger the message they will carry.”

It was confirmed that during the secret voting event, the group of vice presidents voluntarily ran for the positions with the rest of the membership in favor.

Meanwhile, Mayors Association President José “Joe” Román Abreu sent a message of congratulations to Pérez. The Mayors Association groups Popular Democratic Party mayors.

“My congratulations to my fellow mayor of Guaynabo, Ángel Pérez, for his election this afternoon as president of the Mayors Federation of Puerto Rico. I am trusting that we will work together for the welfare of our municipalities, which is the welfare of the people,” Román Abreu said. “I share his words, in the sense that this next four-year period will not be easy, but through dialogue, alliances and solidarity we are going to build a good future for Puerto Rico.”

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