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Medalla Light expands distribution to Ohio, North Carolina

With the addition of Ohio and North Carolina, Medalla Light is now distributed in 17 states, mostly in the eastern U.S.

By The Star Staff

After the expanded distribution of Medalla Light in the mainland United States during the past year, Cervecera de Puerto Rico announced on Monday its first new distribution territory in 2023 with the arrival of Puerto Rican beer in Ohio and North Carolina.

“For everyone on the Brewery team, it is a source of great joy to share the news that our product will be available in two other states in the [eastern] United States, an effort we started five years ago and which already totals 18 states or territories,” said Jorge Bracero, chief marketing officer of Cervecera de Puerto Rico, in a written statement. “In each new market we receive a great reception from retailers and consumers, which encourages us to move forward. Once again we are confident that our product will receive a great reception for its solid reputation and quality.”

Medalla Light will be available in 10-ounce cans, and in 7 oz. and 12 oz. bottle packs. In the case of Ohio, where an estimated 130,75 Puerto Ricans reside, Medalla Light will be distributed to various establishments by The House of LaRose, a company with a solid five-year history that serves more than 200,110 customers in eight counties in northeastern Ohio.

“The LaRose family has operated our [distribution] business believing that both customers and employees are essential to long-term success,” said James P. LaRose, president and chief operating officer. “We are proud and excited that Medalla Light is now a part of our history.”

Meanwhile, the company Que Chulada (QC) will be responsible for the distribution of Medalla Light in North Carolina, where the Puerto Rican community, as well as other lovers of good beer, is served by some 80,000 establishments. QC’s leading team has many years of experience in the market and currently serves more of it than any other merchant in North Carolina.

“We are very excited about the idea of working with Cervecera de Puerto Rico,” QC owner Licelot Ortiz said. “The Puerto Rican community has had growth in recent years in our state and is a great community that supports their brands and products.”

Medalla Light is also distributed in Florida, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Virginia, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Wisconsin, Tennessee, Illinois and Georgia.

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