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Medina Cardona denied new trial in Arellys Mercado murder case

Arellys Mercado Ríos

By The Star Staff

The Puerto Rico Supreme Court issued a resolution on Monday declaring not applicable a petition for a new trial for the convicted Jensen Medina Cardona.

“The petition for certiorari presented in this case has been examined, and is not provided,” reads the resolution. “It was agreed by the Court and certified by the Secretary of the Supreme Court.”

Medina Cardona was found guilty of the murder of Arellys Mercado Ríos in events that occurred in August 2019 in Villa Marina de Fajardo.

Medina Cardona’s defense requested a petition for certiorari in which they sought a new trial.

Sentencing in the case is scheduled for Jan. 11, 2022. Medina Cardona could face up to 129 years in prison.

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