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Mennonite Health System acquires San Cristóbal Hospital in Ponce

With the acquisition of San Cristóbal Hospital in Ponce, Mennonite Health System is on track to obtain the necessary permits for Hospital Mennonite Ponce Inc. to begin operations on Dec. 1.

By The Star Staff

Mennonite Health System signed a purchase agreement Monday for the acquisition of San Cristóbal Hospital in Ponce, hospital authorities said.

With the agreement, the institution is on track to obtain the necessary permits for Hospital Mennonite Ponce Inc. to begin operations on Dec. 1 as part of the fastest growing and most extensive health system in Puerto Rico: the Mennonite Health System.

“We are extremely pleased to have signed this agreement, as it allows us to continue expanding our operations throughout the island, with the purpose of bringing innovation, cutting edge technology, development and above all the quality service and Christian love that distinguishes the Mennonite Health System,” said Ricardo Hernández, executive director of Mennonite Health System, in a written statement. “We come with the goal of fostering excellent relationships with our team and medical faculty, building on what we have achieved here through the years.”

“Another important aspect that this agreement brings is the favorable economic impact on the community through the business relationships and natural integration in the communities in which we operate,” he added. “Mennonite distinguishes itself because we reinvest everything produced in more and better services for the community, and this transaction is a clear example of that.”

The transaction, in addition to the purchase of the facility, will include improvement projects, purchase of new equipment and operational capital. It also represents more than 100 additional jobs and is part of the Mennonite system’s long-term strategic plan, which aims to bring to southern Puerto Rico its model of medical-hospital services focused on the highest quality medical faculty, human resources and cutting-edge technology.

Mennonite has medical specialists and surgical procedures that are unique and difficult to access in Puerto Rico to support and complement the services offered at the hospital. Its medical faculty has been recognized for its expertise in areas such as neuroscience, cardiology, orthopedics and robotic surgery, among many other disciplines.

Currently, the hospital employs about 410 professionals, including a faculty of 100 doctors in different specialties who join more than 1,000 doctors in all its facilities.

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