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Metropolitan Fire Station to undergo $5.6 million renovation

14 new tanker trucks added to island fleet

Firefighters Bureau Commissioner Marcos Concepción Tirado (Gov. Pierluisi/Facebook)

By The Star Staff

Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia, along with Public Safety, Secretary Alexis Torres Ríos, Firefighters Bureau Commissioner Marcos Concepción Tirado and Public Buildings Authority Executive Director Yamil Ayala Cruz, announced on Wednesday the reconstruction of the Metropolitan Fire Station in the Puerta de Tierra district of San Juan at a cost of $5.6 million.

In addition, 14 tanker trucks were delivered that will be used in all of the Firefighters Bureau’s districts throughout the island, after an investment of $2.2 million.

“The efficient response to protect our people in emergency situations is one of the most important missions of the government, so teamwork and collaboration between all components of the Public Safety Department, including the Firefighters Bureau with the support of the Firefighters Union, is key to achieving a safe Puerto Rico for all,” the governor announced at a press conference.

Pierluisi noted that the Metropolitan Fire Station has “not undergone essential improvements since [its] construction more than 40 years ago.” The improvements, he said, will allow for the optimization of services “in the areas of Old San Juan, Puerta de Tierra, Miramar and Condado, as well as all the bordering areas of our capital.”

The station reconstruction project includes improvements to its façade and perimeter fences, a new intervention area to serve the public with designated parking, a new dining room, and the replacement of windows to make them hurricane resistant, along with other renovations.

Concepción Tirado, the Firefighters Bureau commissioner, said the reconstruction of the metropolitan station was a project long awaited by firefighters and firefighters.

“Today the reconstruction of our station is a reality,” he said. “Colleagues will have state-of-the-art facilities with everything they need to carry out their work. This station is one of the most active in the bureau and I am sure that the improvements that will be made will be of great benefit to continue offering excellent work for all the citizens we serve.”

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