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Moderate to heavy rains expected starting Wednesday

By The Star Staff

The National Weather Service in San Juan reported Monday that unstable and wet conditions are expected in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands starting Wednesday, due to the proximity of a trough in the middle and upper levels, along with low pressure developing at the surface.

Those conditions will result in an increased risk of flooding later in the week.

The rain is expected to arrive in pulses, with the first episode reaching the region on Wednesday. The downpours will move from the Caribbean Sea toward the Virgin Islands and across the southern and eastern half of Puerto Rico.

A second pulse is expected on Thursday, with residual effects through Friday. The moisture field associated with the trough is forecast to persist through at least Saturday night.

Prolonged periods of moderate to locally heavy rainfall will increase the risk of flooding, rising rivers and landslides. It is also possible that some rivers will overflow and flash floods will develop.

The public, especially those who live or travel in flood-prone areas, is advised to keep an eye out for weather updates.

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