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Modesto Lacén: Between the philanthropy and the celluloid

By The Star Staff

Actor, writer and director Modesto Lacén, with his non-profit foundation Artocarpus 76, presented his first project, called Centro Sereno, on Wednesday.

Artocarpus 76 takes its name from one of Puerto Rico’s most emblematic trees, the breadfruit tree (panapén), which bears one of the most complete and nutritious fruits. The foundation will start operations this month virtually with the first project.

Centro Sereno is a multidisciplinary space to accompany, grow and heal. It is focused on three areas: the arts, wellness and cultural events.

The first cycle of arts and well being classes begins Oct. 12 virtually.

According to a written statement, “the mission of the space is to recognize and explore the talent of our community through creativity in order to promote its development and project its renewal.”

Centro Sereno seeks to build, grow and heal, in an effort that will have the leadership of various artists, workshops and experts in the field. The center will offer children, adults and the elderly a variety of workshops from different disciplines for their full human and professional development, in addition to offering tools for youth to guide their lives in one of the most vulnerable stages of their development.

“In a project that took us almost two years, the vision we want to provide at Centro Sereno is to develop a community of peace and creativity that is capable of projecting itself as a manager of values in all areas of life,” Lacén said. “We want to highlight the values of equity, diversity and sensitivity. This endeavor was born out of a deep love for our island and the desire to contribute to the creation of healthy, strong and healthy spaces.”

Among courses and teachers at the center are:

* Film Script Writing -- Kisha Tikina Burgos

* Dance: Commercial Style -- Kiki Rivera

* Non-Fiction Literature -- Ana Teresa Toro

* Histrionic Poetry of the Artist -- Daniel Irrizary

* Theater for Children -- And there was no light

* Basic Performance for Adolescents -- Francés Sánchez

* Basic Performance and Intensive Adult Cinema Workshop -- Modesto Lacén

* Painting for Teenagers and Wine and Paint -- Miguel Vélez

* Create Your Own Garden -- Pedro Muñiz López

* Pottery -- Yamil Collazo

* Basic Photography -- Luis R. Vidal

* Film Direction -- Arí Maniel Cruz

* Family Yoga -- Juliette Marie

* Yoga for Adults -- Oscar Guerrero

* Coaching for Auditions for BFA/MFA in Acting -- Luis Sebastián Borges.

In addition to the virtual courses, Centro Sereno has a studio in Río Grande where face-to-face classes will be offered next year.

Lacén recently hosted the Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2020 special “I Offer My Heart” on WAPA TV. He also has five films to be released in the coming months -- “Tu me manques” with the Argentine actor Oscar Martínez and the Puerto Rican films “La última gira,” “23 horas,” “Mixtape” and “Rémora” -- along with the presentation on the YouTube channel of the short film “3,000” in which Lacén portrays baseball legend Roberto Clemente.

For more information visit www.artocarpus76.com or call 787-709-1075.

@Artocarpus 76 on Instagram and Facebook

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