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Molina: More than meets the eye in Cataño mayor’s arrest

By José A. Sánchez Fournier

Twitter: @SanchezFournier

Special to The Star

The arrest of Cataño Mayor Félix “El Cano” Delgado Montalvo for being among the public at an underground cockfighting event last Friday has brought to the fore the government’s apparent contradiction when it comes to the now illegal practice, known in Puerto Rico as “the sport of gentlemen.”

It also underscored the deep-seated loyalty many on the island have toward thenow illegal practice of training and fighting game roosters.

Delgado Montalvo, who studied civil engineering and is a lifelong Cataño resident, was arrested and accused of violating Article 8 of the 2017 law that makes cockfighting illegal. He will also be accused of violating the executive order that prohibits group gatherings due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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