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More than 300 attend COVID-19 prevention & control training event in San Juan

San Juan Mayor Miguel Romero Lugo

By John McPhaul

As part of the prevention and control initiatives against COVID-19 being carried out in the Municipality of San Juan, the Capital City’s Epidemiological Surveillance Project has trained more than 300 people from various educational institutions, the municipality announced earlier this week.

San Juan Mayor Miguel Romero Lugo, who participated in the workshops, made the announcement. Among the other participants were directors and nurses from municipal schools, the island Department of Education and private institutions.

The training event was held at the Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino at the Convention Center in Miramar, and brought together more than 300 people from the 176 schools in San Juan. All received talks and orientation on the most recent findings regarding the coronavirus and vaccines, as well as protocols and projections on the pandemic, among other topics.

“This initiative is one of many that we have been conducting during recent months in the municipality,” Romero Lugo said Tuesday. “The Epidemiological Surveillance Project effectively serves the needs of our communities in relation to the tracking of positive cases in the capital once they are reported by the Department of Health. Likewise, continuous antigen and molecular tests are carried out while the citizens are oriented over the telephone (787-977-8432), available seven days a week.”

Among the topics addressed during the event were “Epidemiological Concepts,” “COVID-19 Guidelines for Schools” and “Vaccine Effectiveness.”

It was also reported that the Epidemiological Surveillance Project has been visiting schools in San Juan with preventive and educational material on the virus.

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