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Morovis graduates 2nd class of chefs

By The Star Staff

Morovis Mayor Carmen Maldonado González presided over the graduation ceremony of the Second Municipal Culinary Class on Saturday.

“My congratulations to all 45 participants and my deepest gratitude to chef and teacher Carmen Concepción for her extraordinary work of education and mentoring,” Maldonado González said. “In Morovis we promote the education and development of our citizenry through entrepreneurship.”

Maldonado González said that will soon begin an advanced course and initiate classes in international cuisine.

In May 2019, the northern-central municipality began the current initiative with advice and input from Concepción, an experienced chef. At the first meeting, held at the Barrio Barahona Community Center, the mayor highlighted the principles of the project.

“In Morovis we have a lot of talent in traditional cuisine, which, added to our agricultural production, guarantees alternatives for economic development. What we are promoting is that citizens have the tools for their development,” the mayor said. “The key is to generate an entrepreneurial attitude, break down obstacles, provide good service and be competitive. I am convinced that we are going to generate a good group of new Moroveño entrepreneurs.”

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