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Municipality of Vieques provides rental assistance

By The Star Staff

In an effort to assist the residents of Vieques with paying rent and/or basic services such as electricity and potable water, Mayor José ‘Junito’ Corcino urged citizens in need of this aid to contact the staff at the Municipal Office of Federal Programs.

“Our goal is to support the people of Vieques at all times. Thanks to the efforts of the staff at the Municipal Office of Federal Programs, we have access to financial resources through the Community Development Block Grant - COVID (CDBG-CV) program. Today until Friday, from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM, these officials will be available to assist our citizens with guidance and the application process for rental and utility payment assistance,” stated Corcino in a written statement.

In addition to these funds, the Mayor highlighted that the Municipality also has additional resources available for food vouchers.

“Not only do we have funds to help with overdue rents, electricity, and water payments, but we also have resources to help our people with purchasing food. We reiterate our call to all Vieques residents who need this type of assistance. These funds are available to those who qualify under the parameters of Low and Moderate Income levels,” added the Mayor.

Corcino emphasized that his municipal administration will continue to seek viable alternatives to assist Vieques residents with recurring payments related to rent and basic services.

“The staff at the Office of Federal Programs will continue to identify resources and programs to directly support the people of Vieques. That is the commitment of our municipal administration,” Corcino concluded.

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