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Museum of Art of Puerto Rico Christmas Party

Luisa Wert, Cristina Cruz, Patricia de la Torre, Denise Gutiérrez and Lucy Bou

By Judy Gordon-Conde and Jennifer Conde-Powers

The Museum of Art of Puerto Rico celebrated its spectacular Christmas Party, now in its third year, with guests sashaying about in festive outfits to celebrate the special evening. Guests also partook in a delectable local Puerto Rican “criollo” banquet, including the traditional suckling pig and savory side dishes by the renowned Chef Marisoll. A silent auction was also conducted featuring limited edition luxury items, including a bottle of the Macallan No. 6 Prestige Collection in a magnificent Lalique glass bottle, 18k gold, and .22 ct diamond earrings designed by the fashion brand Edalou Paris, and a heart-shaped piece was manufactured by Coubert, a high-quality ecological jeweler in famous Place Vendome, Paris, with its respective digital collectible (NFT). Also, a pair of tennis shoes painted by the artist Alexis Díaz was among the signature pieces. During the event, guests said goodbye to 2023 and did not leave the dance floor until midnight.

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