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MVC candidate denies workplace harassment claims

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By The Star Staff

Joel Vázquez Rosario, the Citizen Victory Movement (MVC) candidate for the San Juan District 2 seat in the island House of Representatives, on Tuesday flatly denied allegations against him of workplace harassment in his position in the Puerto Rican Workers Union (SPT by its Spanish initials).

“I don’t have any pending complaints,” he said in a radio report “No one has summoned me to any forum to address this matter.”

Former SPT employee Rosa Díaz said she was fired for denouncing a situation of nepotism involving union leader Israel Marrero. She said that after denouncing the alleged instance of nepotism, Vázquez began to harass her, and no one did anything about it.

Vázquez said he learned about the matter in a complaint filed against him through the MVC’s candidate evaluation process in December of last year.

“The union certified to me that there was no internal complaint with human resources, much less externally in any other particular forum,” Vázquez said. “Obviously, I presented my allegations within Victoria Ciudadana, and the committee passed judgment on that.”

Reaffirming Vázquez’s innocence, Manuel Natal Albelo, who stepped down this earlier week as the general coordinator of MVC, underscored that the final decision made by the party’s candidacy evaluation committee was not just in favor of Vázquez, but was also unanimous after three members of the committee recused themselves from addressing the complaint.

“First, due to proximity to one of the parties, either who was filing the complaint or against whom the complaint was being filed,” Natal said of the recusals. “In the second case it was due to possible conflicts of interest about the candidacy in a specific case and depending on the result as it could represent a conflict of interest.”

The candidate, meanwhile, emphasized that “[t]he people who are parties to this process, both in the union, have publicly disclosed that the claims that have been presented in the different administrative forums against the union, which have already been adjudicated, those claims have not prospered.”

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