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MVC mulls next move following removal of candidates from ballot

Citizen Victory Movement General Coordinator Sen. Ana Irma Rivera Lassén

By The Star Staff

Citizen Victory Movement (MVC by its initials in Spanish) General Coordinator Sen. Ana Irma Rivera Lassén did not offer details Tuesday about the actions that the party will take after the Puerto Rico Supreme Court removed four of its candidates for the island Legislature from the ballot for not complying with the endorsement requirement.

“We are discussing several [actions],” Rivera Lassén said in response to questions from the press. “I don’t know [where] people are with all the valid reasons, and they have to finally know what those options are going to be, but we are to make a responsible response. We are looking at several options … but basically we want to do it in a responsible way, analyze as I said, collectively, strategically and politically, which is what will be announced to the people of Puerto Rico, but that is going to be very soon. … The electoral calendar is running and we know that we have to do that.”

Questioned, in addition, if the MVC will make the decision to request a review from the Supreme Court, Rivera Lassén said that it is under evaluation.

“What I can tell you is that, above any legal action, what we are making are political decisions,” the at-large senator said. “We are up against an electoral calendar and what we are doing is taking political positions. That is our goal. To take the Citizen Victory alternative to the elections, and we are making political decisions.”

In a divided opinion on Monday, the top court disqualified Mariana Nogales Molinelli and Gladys Myrna Conty as at-large House candidates, and Rafael Bernabe Riefkohl and Alejandro Santiago Calderón as at-large Senate candidates.

The island’s highest judicial forum determined meanwhile to allow Rivera Lassén, the MVC candidate for resident commissioner, to remain as an eligible candidate in the November election.

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