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‘Narmito’ Ortiz, O’Brian Vázquez throw hats into ring for Guayama mayor

Popular Democratic Party Rep. Luis Ramón “Narmito” Ortiz Lugo, pictured, announced his candidacy for mayor of Guayama, as did O’Brian Vázquez Molina, who is serving as interim mayor.

By John McPhaul

To the sound of music, dancing and surrounded by mayors and fellow lawmakers, Popular Democratic Party (PDP) Rep. Luis Ramón “Narmito” Ortiz Lugo announced his candidacy for mayor of Guayama on Wednesday.

“This decision has not been easy for me, because one has been in the House of Representatives for nine years and one learns something new and it is the only way we can cope with each and every one of the things that arise,” Ortiz said. “I have defended my district body and soul and I have no regrets. Today I take the step forward to occupy a position that is currently vacant. And I do it with the conviction that I can give the best of myself to my beloved people of Guayama.”

“There are many things, yes, there are things that are good, which is the vast majority. There are things that are wrong and we are going to correct them and there are many things to do and we are going to do them with each of my constituents for the people of Guayama,” Ortiz continued. “I know there will be a primary. No problem. I have participated in three electoral events. In two I have prevailed and in one I have not prevailed, but it is the will of our people, of our constituents, of the people of Guayama.”

Also entering the mayoral race in Guayama on Wednesday was O’Brian Vázquez Molina, the current director of the southern coastal municipality’s Citizen Services and Assistance Office who is serving as interim mayor.

“My people of Guayama made their call for me to aspire to the Mayor’s Office, a challenge that I accept with great humility and commitment,” Vázquez Molina said in a written statement. “I perfectly understand the reality that Guayama is experiencing and I place my experience, availability, energy and honesty at your disposal, without pointing fingers, as a guarantee before my people.”

The other candidate for mayor of Guayama is Kia Rosario.

Former Guayama mayor Eduardo Cintrón Suárez of the PDP pleaded guilty last Friday in federal court in a bribery scheme.

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