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National baseball team uniform will help promote PR rums in the Caribbean Series

The 2024 Caribbean Series starts Thursday in Miami and runs through Feb. 9. Along with Puerto Rico, winter baseball league champions from the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Venezuela, Panama, Curaçao and Nicaragua will participate.

By The Star Staff

Economic Development and Commerce (DDEC by its Spanish acronym) Secretary Manuel Cidre Miranda earlier this week officially delivered the uniforms to the national baseball team that will represent Puerto Rico in the 2024 Caribbean Series.

The uniforms were sponsored by the Puerto Rico Rums Program, in support of the Puerto Rican team and as a mechanism to promote the island’s rums in the Americas and the Caribbean.

“We are very proud and confident that the Criollos de Caguas will represent us very well in the 2024 Caribbean Series,” Cidre said Monday in a written statement. “They will surely make the greatest effort to bring the precious prize to our island. The DDEC and its Rums program support this great team, champion of the [just concluded] Puerto Rican [winter] baseball season.”

“Simultaneously, we take advantage of this great opportunity to promote our rums,” the island’s trade czar added. “The Caribbean Series will be watched by thousands of fans in the United States and Latin America, which represents an excellent platform to carry the message that Puerto Rico not only has excellent athletes, but also produces the best rums in the world. Quality and distinction are characteristics that describe our team, as well as the rums we produce. With this exhibition, we will reinforce the recognition of our brand internationally, presenting Puerto Rico as the World Rum Capital.”

The 2024 Caribbean Series will take place in Miami starting Thursday and running through Feb. 9. It will bring together the champions of the winter leagues from the countries that are part of the Caribbean Professional Baseball Confederation – Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Venezuela. Panama, Curaçao and Nicaragua will also participate, as guest countries.

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