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New analytical tool for standardized hospital reports launched

By John McPhaul

Estudios Técnicos, Inc. (ETI) launched the ETI Hospital Profiler, an innovative analytical and metrics tool with a standardized report designed specifically for the hospital industry.

ETI President and Chief Operating Officer Graham Castillo presented this new service Saturday at the Annual Convention of the Puerto Rico Hospital Association. A sample of the ETI Hospital Profiler is available at: The platform has already been used and evaluated by Julio A. Galíndez, Managing Partner of Galíndez, LLC, who has years of experience working with this industry, and who offered at the event the presentation “How Puerto Rico hospitals compare to U.S. hospitals during these difficult times.”

“The ETI Hospital Profiler is an innovative tool that allows the visualization of metrics and specific data points for the 42 general hospitals on the Island. The analytical tool provides insights on a variety of topics including demographic and health infrastructure in a hospital’s market area, financial information, and operational efficiency for the market area and by the hospital. The service allows a hospital to compare its performance with that of its industry peers, as well as examine key indicators for its core market area,” Castillo said.

The tool calculates the market area of each hospital facility using geolocation data.

“There’s no need to request or manage customer visitor data, which is an expensive and time-consuming process,” Castillo added.

“This is a sophisticated tool that automates data collection, metrics calculation and performance evaluation. The platform substantially reduces the cost of information collection and analysis and supports the analytical services we provide to our clients. Customers can review their position relative to their peers in terms of volume and market share, visitor trends, population characteristics, competition, financial performance, efficiency indexes, earnings per patient, and much more,” explained Roberto López, director of the data analysis division at ETI. The main sources that feed the Profiler Hospital are CMS Cost Reports, the U.S. Census and geolocation data from mobile devices, López explained.

Hospital Profiler is a collaborative effort between ETI, the platform’s developers, and Galíndez LLC, one of the most prolific and diverse consulting and accounting firms in the healthcare field in Puerto Rico, which evaluated the platform’s usefulness to the industry.

“Now, with this tool, we will be able to help our hospital customers evaluate their operations, finances and use of patient services. In its history, it is the first time that the hospital sector in Puerto Rico has an analysis tool like this. The advantage is that now, with the ETI Profiler Hospital, they are offered an alternative for the analysis of reliable information, which is reported to the federal government and that will support the decisions that the hospital’s management makes regarding its operation,” said Julio A. Galíndez, Managing Partner of Galíndez LLC.

This new service was developed by the Technical Studies Analytics Division. Estudios Técnicos, Inc. is the leading consulting firm in planning, research, market strategy, social analysis and economic advisory in Puerto Rico. With more than 35 years of operation on the island, it maintains a vision of the future in the services provided by its team of top-level professionals. The use of advanced technology and its multidisciplinary approach make it unique in Puerto Rico.

ETI’s interdisciplinary team of consultants and its Data Analysis division have also developed other useful industry indices, including the Puerto Rico Economic Indicators Viewer, which presents the most relevant data for each sector of the island’s economy; the Puerto Rico Bank Stability Index, and the Financial Stability Index of the Credit Union Industry in Puerto Rico. These tools are freely available on

This report will be essential to gather relevant information for further analysis based on historical data, activities being conducted, parties involved, and future action plans.

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