• The Star Staff

New and very familiar faces in the Legislature

By The Star Staff

At press time, very preliminary results showed Senate President Thomas Rivera Schatz leading the at-large Senate race and in the House at-large race, the top spot was being held by José “Pichy” Torres Zamora of the New Progressive Party (NPP).

The results were expected to change. As of press time, the Minority Law was not expected to apply because the NPP did not have a supermajority.

That was with up to 26.75 percent of the voting precincts counted. Rivera Schatz, of the NPP, had 21,173 votes in his favor. However, he was closely followed by María de Lourdes Santiago, a candidate for the Puerto Rican Independence Party, with 18,100 votes.

Popular Democratic Party (PDP) Sen. José Luis Dalmau held fourth place followed by William Villafañe of the NPP and Aníbal José Torres of the PDP.

Independent Sen. José Vargas Vidot had 9,133 votes in eighth place, and Ana Irma Lassén and Rafael Bernabe, candidates for the Citizen Victory Movement, held ninth and 10th place, respectively.

Former San Juan Mayor Héctor Luis Acevedo, who is an electoral expert, said it was still too early to tell.

The NPP had 16 Senate seats, followed by nine seats for the Popular Democratic Party while the PIP had one seat out of a total of 27 seats.

The NPP had, preliminarily, 27 seats in the House.

In the House, following Torres Zamora were Héctor Ferrer Jr., the son of the late Héctor Ferrer; NPP Rep. José Enrique Meléndez; PIP Rep. Dennis Márquez; Enid Monge, a former United Retailers Association head who is running for the PDP; NPP Rep. José Aponte; Néstor Alonso, a new candidate running under the NPP; and PDP Rep. Jesús Manuel Ortiz. The results were expected to change.

At press time, the NPP was also ahead in the district House and Senate seats.