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New cargo service inaugurated in San Juan port

One official said the new cargo terminal represents a new option at the San Juan docks in the form of a “service tailored to the needs of each client, which currently does not exist in Puerto Rico.”

By The Star Staff

With an investment of more than $20 million, International Public Terminal (IPT) began its operations dedicated to domestic and international cargo service in the port of San Juan, officials announced Tuesday.

IPT is the result of the alliance of two Puerto Rican companies with considerable experience: International Shipping Agency (Intership) and Priority RO-RO Services Inc.

María Carballo, president and CFO of Intership, said the closure of the port of San Juan in the summer of 2021 was decisive in the search for options beyond the establishment of a business. “As Puerto Rican companies we understood that it could not happen again that we were all at risk and with the uncertainty of not having supplies of food, fuel or medical supplies,” Caraballo said in a written statement. “We immediately set to work to achieve what we announced today.”

Néstor González Jr., president of Priority RO-RO, a company dedicated to maritime transport services and cargo movement between the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, stressed that the opening of the new terminal represents a new option in the docks through a “service tailored to the needs of each client, which currently does not exist in Puerto Rico.”

“IPT will overtly provide stevedoring services to ocean liners in need of stevedoring services, regardless of volume or frequency,” he said.

For his part, Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia highlighted the importance of the new business partnership because Puerto Rico, as a Caribbean island, imports a significant amount of the products and goods it consumes.

“It is essential for our people to have an efficient, sustainable and diverse port system to ensure we meet their needs,” he said.

“Today we celebrate this inauguration that provides an additional option for the receipt of international cargo in San Juan Bay, eliminating the possibility that if there is a closure of a dock the entry of cargo will be paralyzed, as happened to us last year,” the governor said. “This is a great announcement for Puerto Rico as we continue to make progress in creating favorable conditions to do business on the island, expand opportunities to obtain the services our companies need and help grow our economy.”

The new terminal will offer services at docks M, N and O of San Juan Bay, a space that has the largest draft in the area, which facilitates the arrival of ships, and has ample storage space in the heart of Puerto Rico’s economic traffic.

The new operation, which will generate 500 direct and indirect jobs, features two PACECO gantry cranes and one Liebherr mobile crane, as well as a 40 acres of land for storage of containers, cars and other cargo.

The announcement marks an end to the monopoly that existed in the port of San Juan, allowing the arrival and unloading of cargo not to be interrupted, as happened in 2021 during a labor-management conflict with the only company that existed heretofore.

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