• The Star Staff

New emergency preparedness website inaugurated

By John McPhaul


Ángel Crespo Ortiz, a consultant on issues of emergency preparedness, service and safety, has launched a new internet website, crespoadvisors.com.

Crespo said the web page can be quickly connected to all social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

He also announced the launch of his YouTube channel, Crespo Advisors, which carries educational content and guidance on health and safety, and protection and prevention measures against all types of emergencies and disasters in the context of preparedness, response, mitigation and recovery. The link for the channel is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRa-iYUjjk2Dd3HyHAyHZ3w.

“For some time I had analyzed the creation of this channel on YouTube, given the recent events that have impacted the world and the island, such as the passage of extreme hurricanes, the earthquakes in the south and the COVID-19 pandemic,” Crespo said. “Four years ago I started my practice as a PR consultant and now I can reach more people on the island and other jurisdictions where we collaborate with the government and the private sector with important information that can save lives.”

The former Puerto Rico fire chief and former director of the State Agency for Emergency Management and Disaster Administration added that he will soon have guest experts in different disciplines related to safety, health and emergency management. In addition, the cyber platform seeks to become the most effective medium when any private or governmental entity needs its message to be heard for the good of the community.

Crespo made a public call for all citizens, businesses and organizations to update their emergency plan in the event of any situation that the island may face in the coming months.