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New mayor of Trujillo Alto names transition committee

Trujillo Alto Mayor Pedro Rodríguez González

By The Star Staff

Upon his arrival at the mayor’s office Monday, newly elected mayor of Trujillo Alto Pedro “Pedrito” Rodríguez González announced the names of the individuals in his transition committee.

Rodríguez González was welcomed by interim mayor Jorge Díaz Torres. The elected mayor immediately offered the names of the people who make up his transition committee, an entity required by law that will help the incoming administration to determine the state of the municipality’s finances, equipment, personnel and projects under development.

“Today I am announcing the names of the members that make up my Transition Committee,” Rodríguez González said. “Very specifically I inform you that we have chosen an excellent group of people who can contribute their talent and knowledge to the new municipal administration that I intend to lead.”

The chairman of the transition committee is former Office of Management and Budget Director Luis Cruz Batista. The remaining members are Grechen Millán (for the area of public and municipal affairs-emergency management), Javier Vázquez (public works, bids and construction), Enrico Encarnación Colón (recreation & sports and citizen services), Christian M. Cuevas Valentín (notary attorney), Carlos M. Cuevas Viera (technology advice) and Luis R. Santini Gautier (legal counsel).

“The voters of Trujillo Alto selected me as their new mayor and that is why we are accelerating this entire process imposed on us by the Autonomous Municipalities Law and the public accounting laws,” Rodríguez González said. “The primary process has been left behind, now what concerns us is to try to regain the trust of the people, very especially, to attend to the needs of our municipal employees and the constituents of our town.”

The mayor will also meet with members of the municipal council, the House and the Senate and with Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia.

“In the case of Governor Pierluisi, I wish to bring to him the concerns of our constituents, especially the genuine claim of a request that we have made public for the improvement of the highways in Trujillo Alto, which are in terrible condition,” the new mayor said. “The state highways, especially those that lead to the rural sectors of our municipality, are in a state of total deterioration and abandonment, so it is necessary to know the programming that the state government has to fix them.”

Rodríguez González became the mayor in a special election held to replace former Mayor José Luis Cruz Cruz, who pleaded guilty to charges of accepting bribes from a waste management firm.

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