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New SEC chief: Election day prep on schedule ‘waiting for a bar program’ to determine where we’re at

By Pedro Correa Henry

Twitter: @PCorreaHenry

Special to The Star

Hours after being sworn in as the new chairman of the State Elections Commission (SEC), Judge Francisco Rosado Colomer said Tuesday that there was no transition process with former president Juan Ernesto Dávila Rivera, adding that so far he has not identified any stumbling block that could delay the general elections on Nov. 3.

During a press conference, Rosado Colomer said a work plan is being developed and that he expects to acquire a “bar program” in order to determine the SEC’s progress 55 days before the elections. However, when a member of the press asked if there was any transition process with the former SEC chairman, he replied with a no.

“The answer is no, we have not had a transition process,” Rosado Colomer said.

“I have not had communication with judge Dávila. It is not that it is not on the agenda, it is that, once again, we started today, and there is no schedule; we are creating it on the fly based on what our experience has been.”

“That work plan, it is assumed that this person left by judge Dávila [is] almost finished,” he added.

“This is where dates come out with some things that have to happen. I asked him to translate that into a bar program. Once you have it, because you have to become familiar with the sequence of events, it is a critical step in what we receive.”

As for the employee appointed by the former SEC chairman, Nelson Torres is the one who is in charge of the bar schematics identification.

Rosado Colmer insisted, meanwhile, that he is aware that citizens are anxious to know if the general elections are going to run smoothly.

Regarding the printing of ballots, he said that as important as that matter is, there are others that need to be addressed in order to safeguard the electoral event.

“There is a lot of talk about the ballot; the ballot is important, but we also have to talk about the regulations. We have to talk about the drill that needs to be done in order to check if there are any signs [of possible delays]. I can understand the anxiety,” he said.

“There are many documents that the [electoral] commissioners are bringing in and many issues that they deem as particular[ly important]. We have a meeting with Finance to acknowledge where the payments that have been identified as available are. In terms of the information received from Mr. Torres, there are no critical steps that could delay us. That doesn’t mean that we won’t identify one tomorrow.”

When a member of the press asked why he accepted the appointment to head the SEC, Rosado Colmer said it was necessary.

Deputy Chairman Jessika Padilla Rivera, meanwhile, responded with a “why not?” while emphasizing that the two will work as a team to ensure citizens’ voting rights.

“Why not do it if we have the capacities to do it, the will to do it and, above all, for the electoral process to regain the security and guarantees it had?”, Padilla Rivera said.

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