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No cause found against MVC Rep. Nogales Molinelli

Citizen Victory Movement Rep. Mariana Nogales Molinelli

By The Star Staff

Judge Joie-Lin Laó Meléndez of the San Juan Court of First Instance did not find cause for trial on Wednesday against Citizen Victory Movement Rep. Mariana Nogales Molinelli.

Nogales Molinelli faced two charges of perjury and ideological falsehood.

“After hearing the evidence, the court finds no cause on both counts,” the judge said. “I ask the Public Prosecutor’s Office if they are going to request an appeal at this time.”

“Yes, we’re going to go on appeal,” replied the special independent prosecutor, Ramón Mendoza.

The date of April 29 was set for the new Rule 6 appeal process.

“Today the political persecution to which Mariana and her family were subjected is confirmed. Despite having prevailed in court, the damage done to Mariana and her family is irreparable,” Nogales Molinelli’s defense team said in a statement. “And will those responsible for this hoax be held accountable? From unscrupulous politicians like [Sens.] Thomas Rivera [Schatz] and Gregorio Matías [Rosario], to their representatives in the Department of Justice, the FEI [special independent prosecutor] and the media themselves. Your time will also come.”

“Mariana will continue to fight the fair battles that characterize her, with her head held high as she has always done, and we will continue to accompany her and support her as we have done until now,” the statement said.

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William Rosa
William Rosa
07 mars

It seems that Rep. Nogales Molinelli not guilty verdict is another heavy blow to the PPD/PNP credibility and influence in the current Puerto Rican political environment. The perjury and ideological falsehood charges against her, for some reason better describe the accusers than the accuse. Probably, the PPD/PNP, not imagining the consequences of their actions, are initiating processes, many times legal processes, that exposed their inability to deal consequentially with the issues the country is facing. Their irrelevancy to confronts the malaise of the colony is not only well-known locally but Washington politicians are becoming aware of it too which complicate the situation even more for them.

The PPD/PNP corruption is already out in the open as it's their lack of…

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