No water rationing in sight, says head of PRASA

By John McPhaul

Doriel Pagán Crespo, executive president of the Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (PRASA), said Monday in a radio interview that “at this time” there is no need for water rationing, despite the fact that some areas of Puerto Rico are experiencing a drought.

“At this time, with the adjustments we have made proactively, we have been able to handle the situation,” Pagán Crespo said in an interview on Radio Isla 1320 AM with journalist Julio Rivera Saniel. “At this time we do not anticipate an operational adjustment plan.”

“The Carraízo reservoir is at an overflow level. The La Plata reservoir is at a safe level. We only have the Toa Vaca reservoir at the observation level, but we believe that we should not have any inconvenience. And the Guajataca reservoir is at the observation level,” Pagán Crespo said. “What we need is greater observation, since as we have seen -- specifically in the report of the Drought Monitor in recent weeks -- drought this year, contrary to last year, which was mostly concentrated in the eastern area, this year it is in the northern area, in the municipalities of Arecibo, Manatí and Aguadilla. Basically the drought is concentrated in this area so far and then we are observing the behavior of the Guajataca reservoir. We have already made some adjustments without affecting customers.”

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