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No word yet on vacation day increase bill for public workers

By The Star Staff

Governor Pedro Pierluisi said that he had yet to have the opportunity to evaluate House Bill 1182, which would restore the formula for accruing vacation and sick leave in the public sector.

At a news conference in Yauco on Monday, he indicated that he has to evaluate the bill’s possible fiscal impact and the position of the Financial Oversight and Management Board (FOMB).

“It is not in my office, but I will evaluate it in due course. It is necessary to see the fiscal impact of that bill and if it violates the government’s fiscal plan. You have to evaluate those things, among others. And we have to evaluate what we have conceded in the past,” indicated Pierluisi.

When told that the measure seeks to restore a benefit that had been granted before the arrival of the FOMB, Pierluisi replied: “the genesis of this change were the demands of the Board.”

House Labor Affairs Committee Chairman Domingo Torres García announced November 10 the passage of a bill that would hike vacation from 15 days to 24 days for public sector workers, according to a STAR report.

He urged Governor Pedro Pierluisi to sign it into law. Workers saw their vacation days reduced from 30 days per year to 15 days per year following the execution of Act 26-2017, known as the Fiscal Plan Compliance Law.

“We managed to strike a balance between the original law and the one currently implemented. Now, public servants can use and enjoy this license,” Torres García said.

“After long legislative procedures, House Bill 1182 was approved by the House and Senate. We hope it will become law when it reaches Governor Pierluisi’s desk. This way, public servants would see an increase in their vacation days as a recognition of their work. Therefore, I urge the governor to sign the legislative piece with multi-party support in both bodies. It is time to show our support for public servants who, daily, give their best to serve our country,” emphasized the Representative for District 25.

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