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NPP general assembly slated for March 5

Gov. Pedro Pierluisi, president of the New Progressive Party

By The Star Staff

Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia, as the president of the New Progressive Party (NPP), has convened the party’s next general assembly for Sunday, March 5, at Roberto Clemente Coliseum in Hato Rey.

The assembly’s agenda will focus on the completion of the reorganization of the NPP, as well as the ratification of management positions and the strategies for the 2024 general election, the governor said Thursday.

“We are the largest party in Puerto Rico and the only one whose goal is equal rights with Statehood,” the governor said in a written statement. “Therefore, the thousands of delegates from La Palma, as our electoral army, will say they are present to ratify the governing body of our community and join forces in the fight for Equality ahead of the 2024 elections.”

“At the assembly I will also give an account of all the achievements of the NPP administration during the first two years of these four years and the work that remains to be done,” the NPP leader added. “There is work for a long time, and we are the only party that guarantees the continuation of everything that is being done.”

NPP Secretary General Carmelo Ríos Santiago emphasized the energy and desire of the grassroots toward the general elections in November 2024.

“For the past two years, we have been visiting each of the 78 municipalities on the island as part of the reorganization work,” he said. “We have seen a single, vibrant, militant party eager for November 2024 to arrive to vote en masse for our candidates. I assure you that we will win many municipalities we do not have now and more seats in the Legislative Assembly.”

“Led by our governor and party president, the NPP is organized, strengthened, and prepared for the upcoming electoral events,” Ríos Santiago added. “The general assembly is the culmination of the reorganization work, which included two successful conventions, the only party in Puerto Rico to hold them, a regulation assembly that broke attendance records, and a full house in each of the municipalities we visited.”

San Juan Miguel Romero Lugo, whose city will host the assembly, anticipated that the island capital is ready to be the scene of a historic party reorganization.

“We urge all the penepés and statehooders to be present at the assembly, as the great family that we are, to direct our goals and proposals for the benefit of the development of our people for 2024,” the mayor said. “In San Juan, we are ready, and we have prepared ourselves for this assembly to take place in an organized way for the enjoyment of everyone.”

As part of the agenda, delegates will ratify the three vice presidents of the NPP and the presidents, vice presidents and state delegates of the auxiliary organizations such as women, youth and public servants, as well as several amendments to regulations and resolutions in favor of statehood.

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