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NPP, PDP field candidates for elective positions as deadline passes

Popular Democratic Party Electoral Commissioner Karla Angleró

By The Star Staff

The New Progressive Party (NPP) has candidates for all of its elected positions, NPP Electoral Commissioner Vanessa Santo Domingo announced Tuesday, which was the deadline for aspiring candidates to file applications to run in this year’s elections.

The electoral process consists of 148 candidates. In the case of mayors, they are presented together with the city assembly members as they are grouped positions.

“The NPP is ready for this electoral cycle,” Santo Domingo said. “One hundred percent of the [elective positions] have candidates, from experienced leaders to new faces committed to our ideal, demonstrating that we are a party with structure and organization.”

She noted that preliminarily, 608 candidates had filed their candidacies with the State Elections Commission. Of those, some 32 percent are women aspiring to elective office: 17 to the mayoralties, 18 to the Senate, and 12 to the House of Representatives, Santo Domingo detailed.

The official announced that, so far, there will be primaries in 22 municipalities, in all the senatorial districts except in Carolina, in the at-large candidacies for the Senate and the House of Representatives, in the majority of the House district seats, and in the governor’s race.

The NPP Evaluation Committee is evaluating the latest filings and complaints filed with the Electoral Commissioner’s Office. At noon on Tuesday the process for filing a candidacy for the various elective positions closed.

Separately, Dignity Project Electoral Commissioner Nelson Rosario anticipated in an interview before the noon deadline that the party would not have candidates for all elective positions.

Popular Democratic Party (PDP) officials did not answer requests for comment but preliminarily, they expected to have candidates for all their elective positions. This year, the PDP opted to nominate fewer at-large candidates for the Legislature in order to improve the winning chances of the party’s candidates in those races.

PDP Electoral Commissioner Karla Angleró and the party’s secretary general, Gerardo “Toñito” Cruz, announced that the candidacy process for all elective positions in the November elections had been completed.

That included the respective municipal assemblies for the 78 municipalities, 40 House districts, eight Senatorial districts, at-large candidacies for both chambers, resident commissioner and governor.

“On October 16, we opened applications for all elective positions. Today, January 2, 2024, one year before the PDP assumes its new mission of leading the country toward true development, we have completed all the available candidates for the next elections and, contrary to what detractors have said publicly, the PDP will go to the election with 100 percent of the same candidates covered,” Angleró said in a written statement. “This is undoubtedly a reflection of the work of our president [Jesús Manuel Ortiz González] to put the PDP in a position to win, which has raised the enthusiasm of all the populares of the island and those who have become interested in running for an elective position.”

She added that the party will hold primaries in almost all races, except for resident commissioner since only Pablo José Hernández Rivera filed a candidacy for that post.

MVC presents Córdova Iturregui as a ‘water’ candidate for governor

Also on Tuesday, the Citizen Victory Movement (MVC by its Spanish initials) completed its process of filing candidates for the fall elections, which includes a “water” candidate for governor, despite the fact that they agreed with the Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP) to support the candidacy of Juan Dalmau Ramírez for governor.

Dr. Javier Córdova Iturregui, a retired university professor and former president of the Puerto Rican Association of University Professors, will be the MVC’s candidate for governor.

As part of the so-called Country Alliance agreements, the MVC will support the PIP candidate for governor while the PIP will support the MVC candidate for resident commissioner.

Roberto Velázquez Correa was announced Tuesday as the PIP’s “water” candidate for the D.C. post.

At the close of the filing period, the MVC will have internal contests for the positions of resident commissioner, at-large representative and at-large senator. The party has adopted the alternate method for primaries, which is why it will be holding a series of assemblies during January and February to choose the candidates for those positions.

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