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NPP plans to field 150 young candidates in next elections

Wilmer Reyes Berríos, president of the New Progressive Party Youth

By The Star Staff

If the New Progressive Party (NPP) Youth has its way, at least 150 candidates between the ages of 18 and 30 will be running in the next general election, the group’s president Wilmer Reyes Berríos said.

New recently approved NPP regulations require at least two candidates running for municipal assemblies to be from that age group.

“With the approval of this amendment to the NPP Regulations -- introduced by yours truly -- we guarantee plurality in youth representation, since the two young candidates must be of both genders to guarantee equity, at the same time that we give more space and active participation to young people to assume leadership positions in the community, asserting the lyrics of our institutional anthem that establishes that it is up to youth to defend the future,” Reyes Berríos said.

The new NPP regulations were approved unanimously by the state board as part of the recent NPP convention. Amendments presented by party members were accepted in public hearings held throughout the island.

“I thank the chairperson of the Regulation Committee, Mayor Rosachely Rivera Santana, and co-chair Keren Riquelme Cabrera for helping us open the doors of our party and send a clear message to the youth that in the NPP there are opportunities for everyone’s aspirations, and that it is a diverse and participatory party,” Reyes Berríos said.

Another amendment introduced by the NPP Youth state director and approved is the inclusion in the regulations of the commemoration of Sept. 4, the birthday of former Gov. Carlos Romero Barceló, who died last May.

During the recent convention, the NPP also vowed to continue efforts in the U.S. Congress to obtain statehood, and Gov. Pedro PIerluisi Urrutia announced he would be seeking reelection.

“We have work to do over the next eight years. We have the funds we need and we are putting them to work so that our people have the roads they want, the homes they deserve, the renovated urban centers, safe schools, and reliable electricity and water services,” the governor said in a video aired from the convention on Nov. 22. “A new and strong Puerto Rico. A Puerto Rico of which we can be more proud than ever, and for that work our people are going to give us a vote of confidence.”

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