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NPP presents party publicity team

“Pedro Pierluisi has the support of the absolute majority of the NPP leadership,” expressed campaign NPP director, Edwin Mundo.

By The Star Staff

Pedro R. Pierluisi’s campaign director, Edwin Mundo, announced today a group of official campaign spokespeople who will have the crucial responsibility of communicating the government’s work, commitments, and ideas, along with the party leadership.

Among the group are former legislator and president of the Progressive Pensioners, Lucy Arce; the president of the Public Servants Organization of the NPP, Jaime Torres; the president of the Progressive Women and former legislator Jacqueline Rodríguez; the president of the Progressive Youth, Keishla “Keka” Rodríguez; and general Víctor Pérez, president of the Progressive Veterans.

“Our talent pool includes the leadership of the NPP in the government, private, and third sectors. Today, we announce the addition of Pastor Luis Roig, who has over 15 years of pastoral experience, is a recognized leader in the faith-based sector, and is a professor at the Theological University of the Caribbean. We also have former secretary of Labor in the Wanda Vázquez Administration, attorney Carlos Rivera Santiago, and former chief advisor to the president of the House of Representatives Jenniffer González, attorney Hiram Carlo,” said Mundo, who is also a former electoral commissioner of the NPP.

At the national party level, the governor’s team includes Aurelio Agelviz, president of the Youth of the Democratic Party in Puerto Rico, and Edwin Francisco Rivera, president of the Republican Youth in the Island.

“Pedro Pierluisi has the support of the absolute majority of the NPP leadership, which includes 28 out of 36 mayors, 31 out of 41 non-mayor municipal committee presidents, 10 out of 10 senators, and 17 out of 21 NPP elected representatives. Now we are adding more spokespeople in various fields who will be conveying our governor’s message,” expressed Mundo Ríos.

The announced list also includes former child advocate and former prosecutor of the Pedro Rosselló administration, Ana Quintero, who also heads the Progressive Legal Team. Former judge, former commissioner of the Office of Municipal Affairs of the Luis Fortuño administration, and former director of the Office of resident commissioner Jenniffer González, Luis Roberto Rivera. The former director of the First Lady’s Office of Governor Wanda Vázquez, Marilú Cintrón. Attorney and surveyor Roberto Méndez, a specialist in reconstruction and federal funds, and Arleen Muñoz, who has worked in the third sector for over 20 years with nonprofit organizations.

“Not only does the NPP’s political leadership support the Governor’s agenda for re-election, but Pierluisi is also gaining support from individuals of caliber in the private sector and the third sector. This resounding support reflects that the Governor has the backing of the hundreds of thousands that make up his party with an agenda of equality and progress,” said Pierluisi’s campaign director.

The elected leadership is also added senator Nitza Moran, Keren Riquelme, and Gregorio Matías. Also, representative Juan Oscar Morales and José Ché Pérez. The mayor of Cataño, Julio Alicea, and the municipal president of Villalba, Guillermo Irizarry.

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