NPP Senate candidate Morán blasts Rossana López’s record

By John McPhaul

New Progressive Party (NPP) candidate for Senate District 1 (San Juan, Guaynabo, Aguas Buenas) Nitza Morán charged Monday that Popular Democratic Party (PDP) San Juan mayoral candidate Rossana López León’s record is “against San Juan and the people of Puerto Rico” and that “is evidenced in her legislative record by having voted in favor of increases to gasoline, SUT [sales & use tax], electricity, insurance and legislation that eliminated the Seniors Bonus and other tax benefits.”

Morán detailed a series of measures that had the vote and support of López as a senator during the administration of PDP Gov. Alejandro García Padilla:

1. Law 31-2013, which increased the tax on the use of oil from $3.00 to $9.25 (Crudita I)

2. Law 40-2013, which reduced taxpayer deductions, increased insurance premiums, eliminated SUT exemptions in cooperatives, and increased income taxes for individuals and businesses

3. Law 41-2013, which increased the tax on cigarettes

4. Law 77-2014, which reduced the Seniors Bonus, increased income taxes to individuals and businesses, and reduced payroll the deductions

5. Law 1-2015, which increased the tax on oil use from $9.25 to $15.50 (Crudita II)

6. Law 4-2016 on the restructuring of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority’s debt, which included an increase in the electricity bill.

Morán stated that “on multiple occasions I have heard the senator express herself in the media about her work as a prosecutor for the Office for the Elderly.”

“Now, how can you explain that you have been in favor of reducing the benefits to this population, increasing taxes and rates for insurance, gasoline and electricity, among others?” the NPP Senate candidate said.

The businesswoman added that “Rossana López intends to run the capital of Puerto Rico after harming hundreds of thousands of merchants and citizens by increasing taxes even more and reducing profits.”

“Senator López’s record against the economic development of San Juan is evidenced by her having been an accomplice and participant, from the Senate, in the imposition of close to 100 taxes during the last PDP administration when García Padilla governed.”

Morán added that “the merchants and citizens of San Juan have been run over by their [PDP] mayor Carmen Yulín, and we have never heard the senator raise her voice in defense of the people of San Juan.”

“We all know about the precarious conditions in the capital and we never saw Senator López demand that the mayor get off the plane and offer better services or greater attention to the needs of the people of San Juan,” she said. “Nor have we heard her in the past legislate for improvements in the capital.”

Morán also charged that López “was the great absentee in the voting on various legislative tax measures such as Law 72-2015, which increased the SUT from 7 percent to 11.5 percent, and tried to impose the VAT [value-added tax] of 16 percent on us.”

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