Nude, lifeless body of man found on Vieques beach

By John McPhaul

Police attached to the Vieques Police District are investigating the death of a man found in the nude on the beach in the Playa Negra sector of the island municipality.

According to preliminary information from the police, on Sunday a call through the 9-1-1 emergency system alerted the authorities to a dead person at the scene. When the agents arrived at the scene, they found the naked body of a man with a white complexion.

Agents from the Homicide Division of the Fajardo Criminal Investigation Corps (CIC), along with the prosecutor on duty, are in charge of the investigation.

Anyone with information that could help clarify the case is urged to call 787-343-2020, or the smartphone application BASTA YA or through Twitter at @PRPDNoticias and on Facebook www.facebook/prpdgov.

Meanwhile, a man with several gunshot wounds to the head was found on Saturday night on highway PR-536, kilometer 5.7, in the Balcanes sector of the Ollas neighborhood in Santa Isabel.

According to the police, the man, who has not yet been identified, was described as thin and about 5 feet 6 inches tall, with white complexion, short black hair, wearing a long blue denim shirt, a black shirt, a red cap, and sports shoes. He also had tattoos on his right side and right wrist.

On Sunday, a woman died at dawn after receiving a gunshot wound to the neck, in events that occurred at the traffic light of highway PR-138 in front of the Mennonite Hospital in Coamo, police reported.

The events occurred around 4:50 in the morning, according to the police. The woman, still unidentified, was treated by the doctor on duty at the hospital, who certified her death.

According to the preliminary report of the Police Bureau, a call to the 9-1-1 Emergency System alerted the authorities to what sounded like gunshots at the scene, while also receiving a call from the Mennonite Hospital informing them of the arrival of a woman with a gunshot wound to the neck.

Also on Sunday, Rubén Adner Pacheco Santiago, 21, was admitted to the Bayamón Regional Prison, after Judge Gloria De Jesús Machargo of the Bayamón Court determined cause for arrest for allegedly shooting at Police Bureau agents during a police intervention on Las Cucharillas de Cataño street.

According to the police, Pacheco Santiago was arrested last Thursday on the same street by agents of the Integrated Plan for Citizen Security of Bayamón, after agents ordered him to stop during a patrol through the location. The warning was ignored and Pachecho Santiago, along with other individuals, got out of a car carrying firearms on the grounds of Residencial Jardines de Cataño.

The police allege that the subjects fired several shots at the agents, who repelled the attack. Pacheco Santiago was wounded by a bullet during the intervention.

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