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Official downplays ex-FBI agent’s appointment to monitor police reform finances

Public Safety Secretary Alexis Torres Ríos

By The Star Staff

Public Safety Secretary Alexis Torres Ríos on Monday minimized the impact of the appointment of Christopher Graham as police financial supervision officer.

When speaking with journalists at La Fortaleza, Torres Ríos denied that Graham was appointed trustee, insisting he is a financial monitor. He said Graham has been working with police reform for more than 10 months.

“He’s going to be supervising (using) the judge’s motion,” the island’s public safety czar said.

The former FBI agent’s appointment was revealed Friday. Judge Francisco Besosa, as reported by the press, made the decision following an audit of 109 expenses between 2018 and 2021.

“The court has repeatedly made clear that it remains concerned about the handling of Reform-related expenses,” Besosa said in the order.

Asked about the need for the designation, Torres Ríos said Monday that it is related to “budget transactions” of $20 million allocated to the reform.

“As part of the processes, these reports are delivered to the three parties: the monitor, the federal Department of Justice and the Special Master,” he said. “He [Graham] is an auditor, supervisor. He is going to be working with the audits of the reform budget.”

Torres Ríos gave assurances that Graham’s appointment does not affect the police operationally.

“He has been working with the special master’s group for 10 months and those are his functions,” he said.

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