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Official to OSJ residents: Your muni gov’t hears your concerns

San Juan’s municipal administrator, in addressing complaints lodged by the Old San Juan Neighborhood Association, said that at the start of the current mayoral administration, fixed routes were established for garbage collection in the Old City, daily cleaning of squares and streets was restored, anti-crime efforts were redoubled.

By The Star Staff

San Juan Municipal Administrator Israel O. Alicea said Wednesday that it is public policy to always listen to the voices of the communities, including those of the Old San Juan Neighborhood Association.

The official added that at the start of the administration of Mayor Miguel Romero Lugo, fixed routes were established for garbage collection in Old San Juan and daily cleaning of squares and streets was restored, in addition to the redoubling anti-crime efforts in the capital.

Likewise, at least $3.8 million is being invested in the restoration of historic streets, including streets that had been dark at night for years being reilluminated; the process of declaring public nuisances was reactivated; and abandoned and dilapidated structures were identified in Old San Juan, requiring the owners to present work plans for their rehabilitation.

Alicea added that they are already in the design stage, the construction and rehabilitation of squares, sidewalks and streets in the historic center with a multimillion-dollar investment.

“I gladly receive you and listen to your concerns, just as we have done with other bonafide organizations of residents and merchants. The doors of the mayor’s office have always been open to listen to the claims of the people of San Juan,” said the administrator of the Capital City.

Alicea also noted that since Romero Lugo assumed the reins of San Juan, aggressive plans have been established to combat crime, such as the recent acquisition of “body cams” for municipal police, and patrols have doubled in Old San Juan. Spray painting is also prohibited throughout the city according to Ordinance No. 10, which imposes fines of $1,000 for the first offense to those who engage in that practice.

“Mayor Miguel Romero Lugo has been emphatic with his team in expressing that Old San Juan is not only a place of housing for sanjuaneros, but also constitutes the most important tourist attraction for thousands of tourists from all over the world, so cleanliness and order must always be our priority,” Alicea said. “An example of this are the dozens of Christmas celebrations that have taken place in Old San Juan, the ‘Walk and Shop’ initiative and the exhibitions of our artisans in the main squares, among others.”

The administrator anticipated that, thanks to the planning and established beautification work, the next Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastián will be the most organized and clean in the history of San Juan.

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