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Ordinance approved to build parking for Normandie Hotel at Escambrón

A new parking facility is slated to be located in the area of an old running trail at Escambrón.

By The Star Staff

The city of San Juan has approved an ordinance that would lease land from Escambrón Beach in San Juan to the Normandie Hotel so it can be developed into a parking facility.

Ordinance No. 3 was submitted on July 14 and sent to the city’s Treasury, Finance, Federal Funds, Auditing and Comptroller Affairs Committee.

The ordinance states that the Escambrón area and the Normandie Hotel lack adequate parking space.

Under the ordinance, the Hotel Normandie OZ corporation plans to build some 500 parking spaces.

The corporation will be in charge of rehabilitating the areas and will be allowed to make structural changes to the property without prior permit or approval of the city’s Engineering Works Department.

The parking facility will be located in the area of an old running trail at Escambrón.

Normandie Hotel Corporation will be allowed to demolish a northern wall of the old Hiram Bithorn Stadium, which is currently in poor state, as well as certain nearby areas. It will be allowed to build an events facility where there is currently a store that rents diving equipment.

Under the ordinance, the city plans to build a skateboard park in the area where the softball park is located and which is not being used. The city will help Normandie OZ obtain federal funds to improve the Sixto Escobar Stadium and the hotel.

The Normandie, which has been abandoned since 2009, was sold for $8.6 million to Normandie Oz LLC, an investor under Act 60 — a tax incentive that provides exemptions to businesses and investors that relocate to or establish themselves in Puerto Rico. The so-called Act 20-22 investor asked the government for money to renovate the historic building.

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