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Ortiz González appoints twin PDP ‘pillars,’ electoral commissioner & party secretary

Karla Angleró González/Gerardo Cruz Maldonado

By The Star Staff

Focused on the reorganization of the party and laying the foundations to strengthen the electoral area of the Popular Democratic Party (PDP), the new party president, Jesús Manuel Ortiz González, on Thursday appointed Karla Angleró González as PDP electoral commissioner and Gerardo “Toñito” Cruz Maldonado as party secretary and alternate electoral commissioner.

“The reorganization of the institution must be intrinsically linked to the organization of our electoral army, that is why the first two pillars on which my Future Project was based were the effective reorganization of the party and the preparation of our electoral army,” Ortiz González said. “These two components will create the pillar that will strengthen our party ahead of the 2024 election. Aware of the importance of these first two points, I had to name two experienced people who are familiar with my work and my vision for the party.”

In addition to having been the electoral coordinator of Ortiz González’s campaign for the party presidency, Angleró González served as alternate electoral commissioner of the PDP between 2017 and 2019.

“Karla will be in charge of having our electoral army ready for the upcoming electoral processes,” Ortiz González said. “That includes the execution of the ‘Red Alert’ education program that will prepare our electoral component for the 2024 elections.”

Cruz Maldonado, meanwhile, is a recognized expert on electoral matters in the PDP and will be in charge of the PDP Secretariat while simultaneously serving as alternate commissioner.

“No one doubts the capabilities and experience that Toñito Cruz has, which he is once again putting at the disposal of the party,” Ortiz González said. “He, among other things, will be in charge of the work team that will provide the recommendations related to the Electoral Code and all the reorganization efforts that include the ‘Metropolitan Task Force’ (San Juan, Bayamón and Guaynabo) and the ‘Group of 15’ that will attend to municipalities that require special actions in their reorganization process.”

“We have a lot of work and little time,” the new PDP president said. “I thank Karla and Toñito for joining me in this great challenge. I also thank each of the members of the various committees that we have been appointing in recent days, such as the Transition Committee and the working group charged with discussing amendments to the Electoral Code. At the same time, I call on all the populares who want to work in this new force within the PDP to join us. The goal is clear; put the PDP in position to win the 2024 election. That’s what we’re going to work for.”

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