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Ortiz González leads Zaragoza in early going of PDP gubernatorial primary

By The Star Staff

With over 30% of the vote counted in the island primaries on Sunday, Popular Democratic Party (PDP) Rep. Jesús Manuel Ortiz González appeared to be defeating PDP Sen. Juan Zaragoza in the race to become gubernatorial candidate.

Several electoral commentators had already given Ortiz the race even though the ballots for the advanced or early voting had yet to be counted.

In the at-large House race, so far, the candidates with the most votes were Hector Ferrer, Swanny Enit Vargas Laureano, Ramon Torres, Gabriel Lopez Arrieta, and Jorge Quiles Gordillo.

The at-large Senate candidates with the most votes were Luis Javier Hernandez, Senate President Jose Luis Dalmau, Comerio Mayor Jose Santiago, Ada Alvarez Conde, Carlos Diaz and Javier Aponte.

In Dorado, Mayor Carlos Lopez had the most votes early in the night. However, he asked for a stop to the vote because numerous New Progressive Party voters had voted in the primary.

His opponent, House Speaker Rafael Hernandez, objected to the move. The State Elections Commission rejected stopping the vote noting that “the rights of our voters cannot be subject to rigid and static rules, which do nothing to advance the goals of democracy and safeguard the right of voters to vote.”

Likewise, the SEC concluded that “it is not appropriate, strictly speaking, to paralyze the electoral processes.”

SEC Alternat Chairwoman Jessika Padilla Rivera said the first preliminary results were going to be issued at about 10 p.m. Sunday but that the official results will occur after the voting scrutiny, which is slated to start Wednesday.

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