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Oscar de la Renta’s young socialite

By Iris Edén Santiago

Special to The Star

I won’t lie to you. When it comes to global Latin luxe labels, I am partial to Oscar de la Renta, the late Oscar de la Renta. Loved his opulent style for the rich and famous.

Respect & admiration

It could be that he was born next door in the Dominican Republic, or that I first bumped into him in La Romana at age 17, when I was already a fan. Or, wait for it, that I actually really met the icon and worked with him and his team organizing what would be his last fashion show in Puerto Rico. He really was larger than life, everything you read about him, and then more. His elegance, charm, charisma. A jetsetter, a gentleman, and yet so approachable.

So no, I wasn’t sure his label could survive his passing, let alone evolve. And it has. Not exactly the hyper femininity-DNA he became a legend for, but co-creators Laura Kim and Fernando García have navigated the American label to a safe and very modern harbor. Unlike Oscar, they no longer speak to middle aged sophisticated society ladies who lunch. Kim and García are speaking to their daughters, maybe even their granddaughters.

The new Oscar

Their collections are created for a new generation of customers that listens to Bad Bunny and dances to the rhythms of Annitta. The new House of Oscar de la Renta is young, bold, energetic and exciting. It is also well thought out, carefully designed and polished. This duo designs for the younger socialites, for millennials and women who lead companies, for celebrities with millions of followers and young achievers who work from air terminals, chic bistros and exotic destinations.

Their vision of the iconic label does maintain its glorious trademark: glamour, craftsmanship and quality. But they cater and stay on top of the highly competitive fashion business thanks to a younger customer, one who looks less like Princess Caroline of Monaco and more like Billie Eilish, Nicky Hilton, Laura Carmichael, Saweetie, Katy Perry, Kate Bosworth and Ivy Getty.

Kim and García’s RTW proposal for Fall 2022 is full of Crayola colors, lots of sequins and oh so fabulous 3D floral dresses and tops. There is color, happiness and imagination everywhere. Fuchsia, green and black for checkered mini sets and dresses; leather separates with a 1970s vibe in bright blue. For a chic outing, a touch of sparkle. There is gold and silver to spare! Fun sequined leggings, cocktail dresses with puffy skirts and cool embroideries, and jaw-dropping gorgeous mini sheaths to die for, with eye-lash tinsel paillettes.

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