Outgoing local FBI chief hopes to land at Public Safety Dept.

By John McPhaul

Rafael Riviere, the special agent in charge of the FBI’s San Juan Field Office, said Tuesday that once he completes his term in the federal agency at the end of the month, he will continue to work in Puerto Rico with the Department of Public Safety.

“In this year that I have been here, I have focused a lot on [investigating cases of] public corruption,” Riviere said in a radio interview (NotiUno). “My interest is to continue in public service and I have been in conversations with the secretary of public safety, Alexis Torres, and it is quite possible that I can work in his office in some function or another.”

Riviere was appointed director of the FBI in Puerto Rico on March 15, 2020, replacing Douglas Leff.

He said one of his achievements was increasing the number of agents who deal with cases of public corruption on the island.

“I have increased the number of agents working on corruption by 50 percent. I had two squads working corruption and now we have three,” Riviere said. “Also, we have our agents in the Aguadilla, Ponce and Humacao satellite offices who were previously more reactive, now they are paying more attention to corruption.”

Riviere said the public will see increased activity from the federal agency on the issue of public corruption.

“That is what they are seeing and they will continue to see, because that is my seed,” he said.

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