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Parade, other activities to mark Discovery of Puerto Rico in Aguada this weekend

Aguada Mayor Christian Cortés Feliciano

By The Star Staff

Aguada Mayor Christian Cortés Feliciano announced a series of activities related to Discovery of Puerto Rico commemorations and scheduled for Friday to Sunday.

This year marks the 530th anniversary of the historical event, which is still the subject of discussion and analysis by historians.

“Our people have a brilliant history of promoting and defending our culture, history and traditions,” Cortés Feliciano said Saturday in a press release. “What we are presenting to the country today is an example of that. The slogan ‘Por Aguada Fue’ is already part of history, to refer to the arrival of Columbus in Puerto Rico.”

Aguada was established as a town in 1508, with the name of San Francisco de la Aguada, and received the title of Villa in 1778.

This year, Aguada will celebrate the 129th edition of the Discovery Parade, a unique activity in Puerto Rico, where Aguada receives thousands of people to enjoy the floats, artists and schools that present their particular cultural creations.

“This year we honor two outstanding Aguadeño young people who work in the media: Naomi González of Telenoticias and WKAQ580, and Manuel Crespo Feliciano of TeleOnce,” the mayor said. “Both have been designated by our administration as the grand marshals of the event. The parade is on Sunday, November 19 starting at noon in the urban center.”

The traditional parade, which historians say is the most attended in Puerto Rico, will culminate the weekend’s festivities. Aguada also will celebrate the 46th annual Discovery of Puerto Rico Crafts Fair, in the same Cristóbal Colón public square, with more than 200 artisans already registered.

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