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Parents say children not being allowed to enroll at Berwind

By John McPhaul


Parents of students from Berwind Superior School said Tuesday that personnel from the island Education Department’s San Juan Region are violating their rights because they are not allowing their children to enroll in the school.

“As a representative of the parents on the school council, I have for several weeks been receiving many calls from mothers and fathers interested in enrolling their children in school; yours truly has compiled the information and sent it to school personnel,” said María Caraballo. “To date, these parents have not received a response on the status of their children’s enrollment. This violates the rights of these parents to the free choice of their [children’s] school and exposes these minors to not receiving the education to which they are also entitled.”

“The Berwind Superior School is one of the few or almost the only educational alternative for hundreds of young people from Monte Hatillo [condominium complex], Jardines de Country Club, San Martín, Las Camelias, Monte Park, Ramos Antonini, El Prado Jardines de Sellés, Las Dalias, El Flamboyán, Colinas de San Juan, De Diego, Prudencio Rivera Martínez, Parcelas Falú, Hill Brothers, Las Virtudes and other housing projects,” Caraballo said in a written statement.

“On a daily basis we combat school dropout [rates] using as a reform strategy the curricular integration of the Vocational Marketing Program, sports and the arts into the teaching-learning process,” the school council member said. “We sent a letter to Dr. Eligio Hernández, secretary of Education, requesting his immediate intervention in this situation that exposes our boys and girls to dropping out of school.”

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