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Partner of woman found dead in plastic bag confesses

The body of Judith Enid Torres Pantojas, 40, was found Tuesday on Juan R. Garzot Street at the intersection of Ruiz Rivera Street in Naguabo.

By The Star Staff

The partner of a woman reported missing in Naguabo admitted Wednesday that he was responsible for her death, Puerto Rico Police Bureau (PRPB) spokesman Roberto Rivera said.

The woman’s body was found in a plastic bag, and is being investigated as a case of suspicious death.

“We started working on the scene early after the investigation process and already … the man, who was one of the last people she was with, had changed his version of events, admitting that he had killed the woman,” Rivera said in a radio interview on Radio Isla 1320.

According to press reports, Judith Enid Torres Pantojas’ consensual partner is 23 years old.

The body of Torres Pantojas, 40, was found Tuesday on Juan R. Garzot Street, at the intersection of Ruiz Rivera Street.

The woman was identified by her tattoos.

The agents in charge of the case are Nelson Ramos, from the PRPB District of Naguabo, Alexander Sánchez, in charge of Homicides, and Orlando Torres, supervisor of the Homicide Unit. The prosecutor in charge of the scene was Daniel Feliciano.

The PRPB continues its investigation into the tragic case and asks anyone with additional information to contact authorities.

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