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Partner of woman whose body was found in Vieques arrested for contempt

By The Star Staff

Agents from the Division of Arrests and Raids of the Fajardo Criminal Investigation Corps served an arrest warrant for criminal contempt against Gamalier Coss Carmona, 30, at about 1:40 p.m. on Monday, in the Luján neighborhood of Vieques.

According to the police, the arrest warrant was issued by Judge José Marrero Pérez after Coss Carmona did not appear for a psychiatric evaluation on Oct. 13, and a follow-up hearing under Rule 240.

The man is the partner of a woman whose body was found Sunday night in a state of decomposition and tied up on the grounds of a residence in the Puerto Real neighborhood of Vieques.

An autopsy is to be conducted to determine if the woman suffered a violent death.

The police indicated in a written communication that “the arrest is not related to last night’s case.”

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