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Party leadership: Protection order could keep first-term lawmaker off PDP ballot

Rep. Orlando Aponte Rosario

By The Star Staff

Former Isabela mayor and current Popular Democratic Party Vice President Carlos “Charlie” Delgado Altieri said it is possible that Rep. Orlando Aponte Rosario may not be able to run again under the PDP banner because of a gender violence incident.

“Undoubtedly, he has a lot to answer for to his colleagues there in the House and after that, it is also necessary to allow space for the case to have a final indication because then the party will have to apply the new regulations,” the one-time candidate for governor said.

Delgado Altieri noted that the new party regulations say that the PDP president has the power to remove individuals from positions and can even stop an individual from running under the party’s emblem.

“The regulation is quite clear on these matters and specific and much more severe,” he said.

Aponte Rosario, who chairs the House Judiciary Committee, faces a protection order that a Toa Baja Municipal Court judge issued against him due to a domestic violence incident. The request for the protective order was filed by the lawmaker’s wife.

House Speaker Rafael “Tatito” Hernández Montanez, who revealed the information last week, said Aponte Rosario did not inform him or the House of Representatives about the incident and that he found out about it through media reports.

“Immediately, I issued instructions so that all the information regarding this unfortunate matter be required, and we can proceed with the corresponding referrals, under Section 18 of the House Code of Ethics,” Hernández Montanez said. “Likewise, after we evaluate the information, we will take the necessary administrative actions, according to the powers provided in subsection (d) Section 5.2 of the House regulations.”

“I want to make it abundantly clear that the House of Representatives repudiates gender violence in all its manifestations, and we will act rigorously, firmly and without delay so that the ultimate consequences are reached,” he said.

Aponte Rosario, a first-term legislator who represents the 26th House district (Orocovis, Corozal, Barranquitas, Villalba and Coamo), declined to provide comments.

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